Alayna Bowman Memorial Golf Tournament, June 9, 2023

Over $85,000 Awarded to Support Local High School Seniors

The Alayna Brianne Bowman Memorial Scholarship Foundation will be hosting the 13th Annual Golf Tournament at the Fort Walton Beach Golf Course on June 9, 2023 at noon. The foundation
has awarded over $85,000.00 to support local high school seniors pursue their college education.

June 23, 2023 will be the 13th anniversary of Alayna’s death and marks a milestone that is almost surreal. Alayna was a happy 16-year-old little girl, driving her younger brother home just 13 years
ago. While turning into her own driveway, she was hit by a repeat offender and drunk driver. Alayna was killed while her brother, Mack, was injured. Shortly after Alayna’s death, Mack
wanted to form a scholarship foundation in her memory. With generous donations and much hard work, Mack’s hope has become a reality.

Life without Alayna has been incredibly difficult but knowing that her legacy lives on through the leaders of tomorrow brings happiness to all who loved her. Help us continue to share her spirit of
generosity and bravery by donating, participating, and becoming a volunteer.

Thank you in advance and Always Be Brave,

The Bowman Family

2023 Seniors, if you wish to apply for a scholarship, click the application link in the upper right.  Applications are due by June 1, 2023. 

13th anniversary of Alayna’s death

Thank you and ALWAYS BE BRAVE,

The Alayna Brianne Bowman Memorial Scholarship Foundation

The Bowman Family

631 Country Club Ave

Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32547


Alayna’s Story 

Alayna Brianne BowmanLinde Hamilton Bowman has been a close friend of mine since we were in diapers and we have stayed close for the last 40 (okay…she will say “39”) years. She is an amazing woman whose strength has never surprised me throughout our lives but has awed me over the last few months. She, Mike, Mack, and the Hamiltons have all handled the tragedy of June 25, 2010 with a class, dignity, and courage that is truly admirable.

On June 23, 2010, they lost their precious princess Alayna Brianne Bowman to a drunk driver that crashed into Alayna’s vehicle as it turned into the driveway of her own home at 10PM. Alayna was only 16 – a rising Senior at Choctawhatchee Senior High School in Fort Walton Beach. Her 13-year-old brother Mack was in the car also and escaped with relatively minor injuries. The driver of the other vehicle was basically unharmed. This event shook our small community to the core. Especially since the family of the other driver was also well-known and the driver – in his 21 short years – had accumulated a rap sheet that was quite unbelievable. He had collected DUIs and DWLSR (Driving While License Suspended or Revoked) like I collect shoes, yet he had just been released from jail early on his last Felony charge (high speed chase, DWI, concealed weapon). That is all we will say about this man and we will leave it to God to pass any further judgment. If you are interested in the details, you can read about them in the “News” section of this site. We just don’t want to dwell on it any further in this area because he doesn’t deserve our time, attention, or even…breath…any longer while we celebrate Alayna.

Alayna was an amazing young woman with a brilliant future virtually promised due to the dedication, drive, and determination she demonstrated at even still a relatively young age. The world truly lost a rising star – a precious princess – the day Alayna’s life was abruptly ended. But as it is said, and as is true – whether we understand it right now or not – God has a plan for everything. We just can’t see it – or know it – from where we stand and we may never so long as we are alive. Yet, we must have faith.  And it is this faith that will help us all to heal.

This site was created not only to remember Alayna, but also to aid that healing. We need to remember. We need to not forget. But we all also need to do it in our own time and in our own way.

Maybe some of you will come here and be inspired to share your stories and memories of Alayna. That’s awesome and appreciated! On the other hand, maybe some of you will just come here to read and reminisce on your own…in silence. That’s absolutely fine too. Take from this site what you will…what helps you…and what you believe will help the friends and family of Alayna the most.

In the end, the only thing that is important is that we remember we are all here only for a short time and we need to make the most of it. When you die, what will you leave behind?

Alayna left behind a lot of love. Her life – as short as it was – was a blessing to all who knew her. May you be blessed as well, and may you be inspired to bless the lives of those around you as a result of having known Alayna. And may we all know that some day, we will all be reunited with Alayna,  and all our other friends and loved ones who will move into our lives and transition through, as long as we are on this earth.  All it takes is a little faith.