2.12 UNUTILIZED SPACE. In the event that the available space is not used at the time of departure, CHARTERER accepts the use of this space by CARRIER without reimbursement or reduction of the charter price, but only for the transport of CARRIER staff and property. 4. Operation: The carrier and the captain of the aircraft are authorized to take all necessary measures to ensure safety. It has full authority over whether to deviate from the indicated route and where alternative and/or immediate landings are to be made. These findings are binding on the customer and all passengers. JetsetPrivate Air does not control the operation of the airline, which according to the current FARs is the sole responsibility of the company, and JetsetPrivate Air is not responsible for the company`s operations, action and obligations. The JetsetPrivate Air flight line will be clearly communicated to its customers who have operational control of the flight (s) and who are aware of any operational control changes controlled by the operating control. The agreement does not intend to transfer rights to another person. 21.3 In the event of this on the link, all costs resulting from these modifications or delays are billed separately and are covered by the charterer without the aircraft repair costs, including those related to the purchase of another aircraft.

If all costs (including all location flights to the original base) and the costs already incurred are less than the amount of the flight in question, the airline must allocate the amount equal to the difference to the charterer. 5.1.2 decide which cargo can be carried on the aircraft and how it should be distributed. 2.05 AIRCRAFT SAFETY. The pilot of the aircraft is authorized to take all necessary measures to ensure safety. The pilot-in-command, in agreement with CARRIER and in accordance with CARRIER manuals and procedures approved by the government`s well-known authority, has final discretion and authority over the operation of the aircraft, including, but not limited to all matters relating to the denern, loading, cargo and distribution, whether, and how, a flight should be flown, if the indicated route is deviated, where the landings are to take place, whether the passage or aircraft departs, any person whose condition may pose a danger or risk to himself, other passengers or property, and any other issue that must affect the operation of the aircraft. This provision by the pilot is binding on CHARTERER and for all passengers. The charterer provides the airline with all rights, debts, costs and expenses (including legal fees and fees) related to any liability of the airline to third parties (including, but not limited to passengers, shippers or recipients) for losses or damages of any kind (including costs and expenses on a total compensation basis) resulting from an act or omission by the charterer, its servant or its settlement assistant, or a passenger carried out with the charter or with a charter. Payment: Payment for each charter flight is due after the customer confirms a specific itinerary and price offer; Payments must be received by JetsetPrivate Air in order to enter into a charter agreement with Carrier on behalf of the customer, as JetsetPrivate Air cannot guarantee the availability of the agreed aircraft until after the airline`s payment. At JetsetPrivate Air`s discretion, credit cards may be accepted for the payment of fees and such fee payments.

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