Amico was also involved in the construction of the Hon. Herb Gray Parkway, which will eventually connect the Gordie Howe International Bridge Port of Entry to Highway 401. Transport Canada The area of land is approximately 207,000 m2, consisting of contaminated soil, compacted grainy and wooded vegetation, and various concretes and structures. It was found that the shelter site had a higher content of arsenic and other chemicals that needed to be removed and locked up. The completion of the Right Honourable Herb Gray Parkway will ensure the safe and efficient movement of people, goods and services to and from the next Gordie Howe International Bridge. Amico was the largest civilian subcontractor on the Parkway from the first work to completion and also awarded the general contractor contract of Gordie Howe International Bridge Plaza Early Works for the Canadian Point of Entry. Amico has been involved in every step of this historic project that will separate local and international commuters, eliminate stop-and-go traffic in residential areas and improve traffic flow on Canada`s leading commercial portal. WDBA will manage the procurement process for the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the new Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan bridge through a public-private partnership (P3). WDBA selects the P3 partner and manages the P3 agreement. WDBA is also responsible for overseeing the project, including the construction and de-operation of the new intersection. As the operator of the new bridge, WDBA will fix and enforce all tolls.

During the RFQ phase, WDBA held two introductory project meetings – one in Windsor, Ontario and one in Detroit, Michigan – for interested participants. During the meetings, the wdBA shared the scope of the requirements set out in the offer. View the presentation. An independent value-price-performance analysis showed that the P3 model of this project saves approximately $562.8 million. This is 10.7% compared to the implementation of projects with traditional procurement methods. The contract also included the installation of a 27 kV concrete coating for Hydro One Networks Inc. (HONI) of the Keith Transfer Station by the Early Works project to deploy the existing HONI distribution lines. Approximately 1.2 km of canal bank and 22 hydro hydro composite poles have been installed to power HONI consumers. WDBA also hosted industry days in Windsor and Detroit.

Industry days allowed potential respondents to meet and network local, regional and national contractors, suppliers and service providers. Industry Days also allowed local businesses to introduce themselves to potential private sector supporters as part of the Gordie Howe International Bridge project.

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