33 “Bangladeshi Factory Deaths Spark Action among High-street Clothing Chains”, The Guardian, www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/23/rana-plaza-factory-disaster-bangladesh-primark 20 See for details, WTO, “Intellectual Property: Least Developed Countries,” www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/trips_e/ldc_e.htm 35In the WTO framework, the final principle set out by Cottier aims to give additional flexibility to the international system, thus conditioning the implementation of WTO rules on overcoming a number of obstacles to graduation. In view of social and economic development, it could also correspond to the degree of competitiveness of the industries and sectors concerned.43 Countries that fall below a chosen threshold would be entitled to exceptions44.44 The threshold could be used to define the application of an agreement or rule specific to a particular industry in a country.45 It is an attempt to set the threshold for pharmaceutical patents under the TRIPS agreement in Bangladesh. 7 The TRIPS Council is open to all WTO members and is the body responsible for managing the TRIPS agreement and, in particular, monitoring the operation of the agreement, www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/trips_e/intel6_e.htm 64 The WTO-WIPO Cooperation Agreement of 22 December 1995 provides WIPO for legal and technical assistance and technical cooperation under the TRIPS. See the text of the www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/trips_e/intel3_e.htm agreement, which reaffirms the General Council`s decision of 7-8 February 2000 (WT/GC/M/53), that the most mandated review of the TRIPS agreement should focus, among other things, on the impact of the agreement on the trade and development prospects of developing countries; 1. Fukuda-Parr and Treanor (2017) “Trade agreements and political leeway for universal health care (SDG 3.8),” draft discussion paper of the Committee on Development Policy↩ 8Scit cooperation plays an important role in building a strong technological base for LDCs. However, the enlargement decisions that have been taken so far do not appear to be related to support for the development and dissemination of technologies in the least developed or even relevant countries. Thus, the 2005 decision refers to the technical cooperation provided for in Article 67, which has no other purpose than to enable the implementation of the TRIPS agreement.12 it does not refer to Article 66.2, which requires members of industrialized countries to “put in place incentives for companies and institutions on their territory, It was also pointed out that the language of Article 66.2 was vague and that there were differences of opinion on the nature and quantity of incentives that should be granted to the private sector to encourage such transfers14. it is not clear whether Article 66.2 has led to an increase in incentives for technology transfer to LDCs15 Ministerial Declaration on Travel Agreement and Public Health to return to the top 90In the current technological possibilities of LDCs, it is difficult to predict more generally whether the IP system could play a role in stimulating the ability of developing countries to develop and manufacture medicines for neglected diseases.

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