The apps didn`t ask me yesterday or the license… Every time I logged in to cc, I had to use the administration authorization and every time after. Note: This does not affect permanent Mac-CC or Windows/Mac licenses.… I`m really frustrated with accepting the license agreement all the time when I open one of the Adobe CC products. Does anyone else have these problems? After the 2014 app update, I can`t open. The license agreement appears and I click Accept and it reappears. 3) Go to the following location /Library/Application Support/adobe and Delete Slstore and slcache . It happened again. I`m connected to the Creative Cloud app, so why is PS asking me to accept the license agreement? With v10.1x, PDFs have a problem that deals with DFS shares – which has the effect of opening the PDF file in protected mode, etc.

To get around this problem, we disable the “Protected Mode” option for readers. Now that we`ve come across this “licensing problem,” the solution seems to reactivate the protected mode setting. It is not feasible!!! Activate Protected mode is a new feature in Reader X that allows a “Sandbox” layer of security in Reader. Read here: This should work now even in case of restart. You should no longer ask your apps to accept the license and log in. It also appears that other threads have been launched ( so is not sure when this can be displayed or answered. The user agreement is always displayed after acceptance. I have a project to do and I`m stressed. Please give all the answers that are given, as if you were talking to someone who knows very little about the computer, because that is my case. Glitch If you get this outage, you`re getting ready to lose hours of work and be on the phone for hours with Adobe. I have the same problem. And it seems that my CC just lost its license, because not only did I have to accept the license for the 15,000th time, but I also had to save the software at my workplace and rewrite it.

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