The purpose of this agreement is to define the conditions under which the subscriber can acquire Zendesk`s consulting services and services, as described in an order form you signed or a work statement you signed. This Agreement, including all order forms, exhibitions, additional conditions, working declarations, data processing agreements (“DPA”) and business associate agreement (if applicable), constitutes the entire agreement between you and Zendesk regarding the services and/or consulting services provided by Zendesk and replaces all prior agreements, agreements, declarations, proposals and assurances, either in writing or orally, between the parties. In the event of contradictions or conflicts between the terms of the agreement and the terms of an order form or a declaration of work, the conditions of the order form or the declaration of work are checked. 2.2 Respect for the rules. Between you and Zendesk, you are responsible for compliance with the provisions of this Agreement by agents and end-users, as well as for all activities that take place under your account and which Zendesk may check from time to time. Without limiting the above, you are solely responsible for ensuring that your use of the Services complies with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as any privacy policies, agreements or other commitments that you may comply with or make with agents or end-users. 3.7 We receive and store all the information you knowingly provide to us. For example, we may use the process of registering our services and/or your account settings for personal data such as your name, email address, phone number, credit card information and third party account information (e.g.B. Save your registration information for third-party services built into the Services, as described in Section 3.9) by you and your agents below.

In addition, we can contact you and your agents. For example, we may send you and your agents product announcements and promotional offers or contact you and your agents about your use of the Services. These messages can be customized based on Zendesk`s analysis of your use of the Services. If you or an agent does not wish to receive messages from us, please indicate this preference by sending an email to and provide us with the name and email address of each agent who no longer wishes to receive these messages. REST APIs for sharing agreements are stable, only the so-called “third-party sharing” area is the area mentioned. We can`t force everyone to use certain URLs. However, we can set a standard and ask other helpdesks to implement this standard on the basic URL of your choice. Everything under this basic URL should be spent on the release of tickets. Helpdesks can use any basic URL.

For example, they could use or For example, a helpdesk could implement URLs like the following to perform their ticket-sharing operations: the product`s ticket-sharing functions have always been a bit bumpy and less documented than ideally. Indeed, the implementation of the “Networked Help Desk” sharing application in the product you encountered has virtually no documentation other than the bit you found in this article and the link below to this project in Github. 7.1 Subscriber as data manager. To the extent that service data is personal data, the parties accept that you are considered responsible for data and that the relevant entity of the Zendesk group is considered a data processor, as these conditions are included in the applicable data protection law.

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