This vehicle sales contract is in Word format. This has only recently been developed and updated. Sell a car or other vehicle with confidence with this car, vehicle sales contract. This vehicle sales contract helps you cover anything that needs to be corrected before the goods are sold. 6.4. In the event of a resale of the vehicle by the purchaser before the crossing of the vehicle to the purchaser in accordance with point 6.1, the buyer must charge the Seller all the products from a resale, and before the payment of this product to the Seller, the buyer must hold the same in trust and separate the same from his other money. In the event of receipt of such a product due to the obligation on the buyer to immediately return to the buyer an amount corresponding to the total amount due by the buyer at the time of receipt of such a sale product (including the purchase price of the vehicle) by the seller. The advantage of a contractual purchase is that a customer can benefit from the payment of a lease (i.e. with prepayment and optional final payment) whereas at the end of the agreement, he still owns (title) the vehicle.

Since this type of agreement is a purchase plan, payments will not be subject to VAT. You should keep in mind that this does not affect the legal rights of the buyer – the car must match any description you give in writing or orally at the time of the sale. PandaTip: This clause explains that, even if there is a written error in the agreement, the contract is binding on both parties if they actually incent the sale. 7.2. In the event that the purchaser finances the vehicle through an agreement with a financing company, whether or not the financing company has been set up by the seller, the buyer retains the responsibility of securing the financing documents provided and the buyer, by signing the financing contract, accepts all the terms set by the financing company. , including, but not only, fees that can be counted at any time during the contract. (if applicable) and the end of the terms of the contract. 12.1. The provisions of this clause apply when the buyer has informed the Seller that he wishes to purchase or lease the vehicle through a rental purchase. Lease agreement, contractual lease or conditional sales contract in whole or in part: the purchase of the contract is an agreement for the purchase of a vehicle by a series of monthly payments.

The property will be transferred to you after a final payment at the end of the contract. 12.1.2. Notwithstanding the fact that the seller agreed, in entering into this contract, to sell the vehicle to the purchaser, the seller agrees that the vehicle be sold to a third party designated by the purchaser under the conditions set for that purpose, only to facilitate the financing of the purchase of the vehicle by the purchaser. In return for such consent, the buyer frees the seller from all or part of the costs, claims, losses or damages, which the seller pays immediately or in some other way, including a financial or rental sales company resulting from the sale of the vehicle to that party.

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