INCREDITION SUSPENSIONThe consenting suspension of increment allows the audience to enjoy the events presented to them on a live theatre stage, as if they were real, knowing that the play is performed by actors and that the scenes and performances presented on stage are not real. MASK1) A theatrical form in which the faces of actors are covered with masks. 2) Early word for GOBO. 22Reading professional wrestling, and in particular WWE as a theatre show, therefore allows for new interpretations, especially with regard to the wrestler`s body, the art of writing or, as in this article, the relationship between the actor and the audience. Rejected as a legitimate sport or an acceptable theatre, professional wrestling takes a considerable gap, a raging space that reverts to the limits of the genre and the transmission of images of the “worker” (i.e.dem wrestler) to the public. Despite the dictatorial systems that define the promotion of WWE, rooted in hegemonic capitalist constructions, as in all dictatorships, moments of rebellion, revolt or insurrection still simmer under choreographed pyrotechnics and Cena`s “frenzy, loyalty, respect. The contract for the play is intended to encourage the public to enter the unknown. There is an elaborate pre-show that introduces the spectators into the participatory nature of the event. At the beginning of the play, the actors` animators inform the audience that their purpose at this event is to determine how best to spend $1,000 on ticket sales of this performance to fight poverty in their own communities. Between the performance of theatrical vignettes that address different facets of poverty, these animators lead the audience into small group discussions about what to make of money. They lead their groups with different demands and express divergent positions. They also call on local poverty experts to further discussions.

In the end, auditors vote individually for one of the five local organizations to be funded. COLOR-AVEUGLE CASTING Normally known as NON-TRADITIONAL CASTING, it is the casting of ethnic minorities and female actresses in roles where race, ethnicity or gender is not specified, or against this specification. (z.B. an adult plays a child, a black actor plays a role previously played by Caucasian actors, a woman plays a previously male role). ACTOR AUDIENCE RELATIONSHIPS there are many different theatrical forms and styles, but the most important factor in designing a space for performance is the relationship between audience and actors on stage.

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