Transfer of your lease to another person (assignment of your lease) If you become a Stirling Council tenant, you sign a lease agreement (contract). Most tenants will sign a Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement or NESS in short. As a Scottish security tenant, you can only be evicted from your home by court order. The landlord must have a reason (or “soil”) to scare you away, and in some cases they must move you to new housing. As a Scottish security tenant, your landlord must give you: as a Scottish security tenant on the Council, the housing company or the residential co-op, your rent will probably be less than the rent charged by a private landlord. Your landlord has the right to increase your rent, but must cancel you at least four weeks in advance. In addition, they should consult you before increasing your rent and should always take your views into account. If your landlord feels that you have left your lease without wanting to return, they may initiate a break-up procedure. If you feel that your landlord is not complying with the terms of your Scottish lease (for example.

B by not making repairs), you should complain about your landlord`s formal claim procedure. If you are still not happy, you can refer your complaint to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman. If you were accommodated by us because you were homeless, you may have received a temporary rent until we could reinstate you permanently. Emergency accommodation tenants are not allowed to sell. You can challenge the decision by applying to the sheriff, but make sure you receive advice first. However, if you are subject to an ASBO, your landlord does not need to convert your Scottish lease into a short secure Scottish lease – he can simply go to court to dislodge you. The tenants of Scottish Secure Tenancies have total security. They have the right to stay in the house for as long as they wish, provided they do not violate the rental conditions. Partners or relatives may be allowed to take over the rental agreement if the tenant dies. For Short Scottish Secure Tenancies, tenants have security for the duration of the lease. There are other new reasons for terminating or amending a Scottish secure rental agreement in case of serious antisocial behaviour or serious offences in or around your property.

We have the right to seek a court order to terminate the lease of a suitable property that is not inhabited by someone who needs accommodation. Scottish secure leases replaced secure and secure leases from 30 September 2002, following the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001.

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