Hello: I guess the answer is yes, because there is no requirement for someone to talk or do with someone. When the landlord goes to court, the landlord must comply with the Residential Rent Act (RTA). The RTA has certain requirements for procedures, that is, the communications department, but otherwise, even in this context, the owner may not be required to communicate specifically with someone. Of course, refusing to communicate is short-sighted and stupid. If communication is respectful (it`s not necessarily pleasant), then there`s really no reason not to communicate professionally. The owner, of course, at some point will want money from the deposit, and the surety is clearly a party to the agreement. It is short-sighted to refuse to communicate with the guarantor, as the guarantor is probably the one who can solve problems (whatever they may be). Be sure to communicate clearly with the owner, send an email informing you of your readiness to communicate, and in the event of legal proceedings, you are counting on you to try to communicate and resolve what might be the outstanding issues, and that the owner has refused to contact you. Good luckMichael K.E. Thielewww.ottawalawyers.com My friend and I are considering moving in together. We both have very bad credit, and my agent is asking us to have co-signers.

I have one, but she doesn`t. Can an owner force us to have BOTH co-signers? My co-signer is willing to accept that he is the only co-signer for both of us. In other words, can a landlord force us to have two co-signers if my friend is also in the lease? Or is a co-signer sufficient by law? And how can I impose it by my agent? Hello guys: I can`t find anything that would prohibit such a requirement. I think there may be a problem if the requirements for guarantors exceed the requirements that can be used to choose a tenant when you access human rights. Are you wondering if a claim or criteria required by a guarantor, which could not be required of a potential tenant on the grounds of the human rights code, are not invoked as discrimination under the HRC? I do not see any problem with the proof of income itself, but the way it is used as a criterion for selecting tenants can be a problem. Michael K.E. Thielewww.ottawalawyers.com Hello, quick question. I was asked to sign my 21-year-old son or vouch for him.

He wants to move with two other people on August 1. All three will be in the lease, and the parents of the other two will be co-signed. My edition has us twice. As tenants, aren`t they co-responsible for the full rent? Not just 1/3 in his case? And just because three parents sign doesn`t mean we wouldn`t be responsible for everyone, not just our child. Is it possible to agree on a calendar A for the standard lease which stipulates that each parent is responsible only for their child`s rent share? If not, how can I protect myself if the other two break my son`s lease? Thank you very much. My sister was the guarantor of a townhouse. After the year, she sent a recommended letter to get away. She received a text shortly after the tenant my daughter said she had to move before April because she no longer had the co-signer and had no other. On June 26, there was an order in the mailbox with arrears of 955.73 as of February, plus compensation of 6237.20 .

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