Your first concern should be whether or not you are responsible for hunting accidents on your property. You probably wouldn`t be, thanks to the Ohio Recreational User Statutes. In some situations, Ohio`s recreational user status provides legal liability immunity for people who have suffered damage during recreational activities to your property. Recreational activities included in the status of recreational users include hunting, fishing, fishing, camping, hiking, swimming, snowmobile, multi-purpose vehicle or four-wheel drive or “other recreational activities.” According to the status of recreational users, those who rent non-residential land for hunting do not have an obligation to keep the premises safe, make no promises of safety by flight authorization, and assume no responsibility for injuries caused by an act of hunters. Hunting laws or rules vary by state. They were created to ensure that animals, birds and wildlife can continue to exist, and offer individuals several hunting opportunities. The right to hunt also protects non-hunting individuals by providing guidelines and regulations to hunters. General hunting laws are: To read the status of Ohio recreational users, visit: The Hunting Lease is an easy-to-use form that can be used to consolidate a contract between a landowner and Hunter. This model provides both the landowner and the hunter with the necessary wording to describe what the hunter can do on the landowner`s land if the hunter is allowed to use the property and the lease conditions. Once the agreement is signed and dated by both parties, it is considered a lease agreement binding the two parties to the terms it has established. A bit like “No Fee Access” leasing, since there are no fees to pay for “exchange of services”. The difference between the two works according to the principle of reciprocal exchange and has the subtext: “If you scratch my back, I scratch yours.” For example, in exchange for renting Ohio land and accessing hunting areas, the hunter can offer hunting grounds in search of transgressions (humans or animals, i.e.

wolves, kougares, mountain lions, coyotes). It is not scandalous for hunters to engage in more labour-intensive services such as waste and litter removal, repairing a broken fence or maintaining eating areas for alfalfa or clover for wildlife.

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