1. The landlord draws the tenant`s attention to the following facts: The tenant is required to pay maximum attention when travelling near the roadside. When the tire hits curbs, stones, etc., the tire crate is damaged (curvature), making the tire insignificant. · The tenant takes into account the fact that if this type of damage is discovered when the rental item is handed over, the total price of a new tire is charged to the tenant according to a valid Dunlop price list. The tenant is therefore obliged to properly check the condition of the tyres when taking care of the rental object and to inform the lessor immediately if he finds any damage. It is forbidden to burnout, or better, to turn the wheel propelled on the pavement. If this is found, the tenant will pay for the price of a new tire. · The tenant hereby undertakes to respect and respect the information provided by the landlord in this article. 7.4. The motorcycle cannot be used: a) for the transport of goods or persons for hire, b) for the training or towing of another vehicle, trailer or other object, c) to participate in gatherings, races or contests of any kind, d) for subletting by the tenant to third parties, (e) for purposes contrary to Greek law , (f) while the additional tenant or motorcyclist is under the influence of alcohol. , hallucinatory drugs, narcotics, barbiturates or any other substance that interferes with abuse or responsiveness, (g) in violation of customs rules, traffic or other provisions, (h) by a third party other than the tenant and the additional driver, which is mentioned at the head of this agreement, (i) carry out illegal transport or illegal acts. (a) The bike is still owned by MotoGreece Private Company. It`s a lease agreement only.

The tenant is by no means and in any case the agent of the company. The Tenant acknowledges that he does not acquire any rights other than that mentioned in this agreement. >> The best motorcycle rental service at Chungxe well rated tips for a trip with bike hire to Vietnam 2. The tenant takes into account the fact that the insurance policies do not cover the damage caused to the rental object insured by a person who was driving the vehicle and who did not hold the driver`s licence required for the vehicle – or whose driver`s licence had been confiscated by the competent authorities – when the insurance event was caused by a person driving the insured vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or alcohol. 4.4. If damage is caused by the abuse or abuse of the motorcycle, you (a) remain responsible for the rental costs for the remainder of the un expired rental period and (b) the costs of cancelling or deferring the rental of the bike to future customers due to its unavailability.

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