12. The seller reserves the right to sell these goods in the seller`s possession if the buyer violates this agreement. When the seller makes a resale in the event of a breach of this agreement by the buyer, the seller is considered the buyer`s agent. The buyer is responsible for any net defects when res claiming. Short form contract XXXXX.This contract was written on the 16th day of the month. March 2011In a binding contract between XXXXX LLC.XXXX RD. XXXXX PA 17ANDXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX NJFor XXXXX LLC. Build a kitchen to specifications, approved and signed by. XXXXX payment to be paid under the following conditions;30% after signing the contract and the balance due to the delivery of the items in good condition and ready to install. Balance for cabinets and 1/3 of the work table costs due after the satisfactory completion of the cabinet installation. The balance of the cost of the top meter is due after a satisfactory conclusion of the counter-top installation. Representative of XXXXLLC _________________________DateXXXX ___________________________________________Date We had the same concerns with our firm manufacturer Amish, below is what we did.

It`s not the best, but it`s better than nothing. It contained the specifications we agreed, he wrote by hand, but he had all the details! It was all verbal, and those are our particular notions. I told her when I wanted the kitchen to be ready, she told me her time estimate, and we agreed on the payment plan. She has a small workshop, and I have an elusive GC, so wall instead of a shot, it`s ideal for us. 2. The purchase includes that the products described are specially designed for the buyer and custom-made, these are products that the Seller does not regularly keep in stock and special parts that the Seller takes without delay to design, order and build the objects on display during the execution of this contract: therefore, this agreement is not subject to any reason for cancellation by the buyer. o Quantities: (change order to be issued if the final construction requires a complete modified performance) 29 solid hardwood doors/drawer surfaces 10 plywood cabinets (blind corner like two “cabinets”) 9 Lower plywood cabinets with 1 blind-Eck. (Blind corner has less than two “cabinets” and refrigerator plates count as a “cabinet”), 1.

At the signing of this agreement, a $xx deposit is made. Summary of kitchen cabinets:o Face frame with unfinished open doors and drawers with modified folded “Rockridge” (as defined in the design document)o Cabinet boxes are made of 3/4″ (9-lagig) prefabricated maple wood, where the cabinets are hidden by a fixed door and ” (9-lagig) in plywood, where the interior closets are visible by glass door panels. The faceframes are poplar. The cabinets will have hidden Blumotion hinges and soft Blumotion narrow shock absorbers installed on top of each case. Three shelves will be contained in each cabinet and all shelves are adjustable with a mobile pen systemo doors and drawer trays are solid hardwood boxes of Mapleo drawers are installed in solid nested maple with an imperial finish and with soft blumotion sheets of invisible extension corded saupe. All drawer floors are built with 1/4″ plywood and have a static weight class of 75 lbs with the exception of 3 oversized drawers that have 1/2 plywood floors and a static weight class of 110 lbs.o interiors on the sink, Garbage oar, blind corner down, refrigerator, and all non-glass door tops are grade maple finish (before delivery). o Wardrobes with glass front doors have quality plywood interior ready for finishing and finishing varnish e.

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