You agree that your user content will occasionally comply with FTC guidelines regarding the use of testimonials and endores in advertising, FTC disclosure guides, FTC native guidelines and all other FTC guidelines (the “FTC”) and any other advertising policies required by existing legislation. For example, if you were paid or provided free of charge in exchange for a discussion or advertisement for a product or service through Twitch services, or if you are an employee of a company and decide to discuss or promote that company`s products or services through Twitch services, you agree to comply with the FTC`s requirements for disclosure of these relationships. You and not Twitch are solely responsible for any recommendations or testimonials you make about a product or service via Twitch services. The terms of this calendar apply when you submit a PC game or PC software during the program for sale, distribution or promotion that depend on remotely hosted services (i.e. not exclusively operated on an end user`s local device) (a developer-Hosted PC Game/Software). E. For each participating game or event, you must create a developer account and adhere to all Twitch policies regarding developer accounts, as a precondition for participating in the Drops program and receiving aggregated data and associated user data (1); (2) to provide earned drops to related users; and (3) to provide performance data on demand from Twitch. Twitch may immediately terminate your access to the Drops program due to a violation of this section. Requirements.

You must meet the requirements of the Alexa device that are in If you wish, you will give us adequate access to the systems, hardware, software and records related to your Alexa gadgets and your use of Alexa Gadgets hardware, so that we can verify your compliance with this agreement. We may limit the use of Alexa Gadgets materials, including limiting use in some devices. “end user account,” the registered account of an end-user of your games or services. For the purposes of calendar 2, the term “extension” refers to your services that are licensed, sold, distributed or promoted in conjunction with Twitch Extensions in web application or their mobile, television and console equivalents.

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