The Data Protection Code in practice provides the necessary procedures to ensure that we comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. It is a condition of the commitment that everyone respects the code of conduct in practice. (a) The information provided to me by Encompass and the seller constitutes sensitive and confidential information whose disclosure to third parties could adversely affect Encompass`s practice and relationship with the seller. b) I agree not to disclose information to others who have not also signed and dated the agreement, except to obtain advice and recommendations from my advisors (accountants, lawyers, etc.), in which case I agree to obtain their oral consent in order to respect that confidentiality. “INFORMATION” understands the fact that the business is for sale. c) I agree not to contact the seller, his employees, owners, deposit holders, neighbors, voters or suppliers, except via Encompass: Integrated Healthcare Consultants. d) I agree that all correspondences, requests, offers to purchase and negotiations related to the purchase of the practice are made exclusively via Encompass. Encompass will arrange all meetings between the seller and I. I understand that such personal meetings are essential and encouraged to get more details about business to my advantage and knowledge. e) I understand that Encompass is an agent to me and that he is also an agent for the seller and that he has a contract that provides that the seller pays a fee for the sale, trade, leasing or replacement of the seller`s practice or property at Encompass. (f) I also understand that Encompass: Integrated Healthcare Consultants is not a lawyer and that all future forms and supplements are created without legal or tax advice.

You must be submitted to your own lawyer for verification and possible change and be used on the advice of your own legal and/or tax advisor. Die Grundsätze der Vertraulichkeit führen zu einer Reihe von Praxisregeln, die jeder in der Praxis beachten muss: Fragen zur Vertraulichkeit sollten an ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Diese Praxis hat die folgenden drei Grundsätze der Vertraulichkeit übernommen: Information, dass die Person ein Patient der Praxis ist oder gewesen ist oder teilgenommen hat, an einem bestimmten Tag abgesagt oder nicht besucht hat. In this practice, the need for strict confidentiality of personal patient data is taken very seriously. This document sets out our privacy policy and all practical team members must respect these guarantees as part of their employment contract/service contract with practice. When an investigation reveals that an officer has violated patient confidentiality or this directive, he is required to make summary dismissal in accordance with the disciplinary policy of the practice. Messages about patient care should not be left to third parties or on answering machine. A message to call practice is all you can let discussions about patients should not take place in public spaces of practice. Remember, for best results, it is imperative that dentists follow these rules in order to set an example for other employees of the practice. To protect the goodwill of a dental practice, many legal options should be considered.

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