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15 Comments to “Friends and Family Remember Alayna”

  • It’s hard to pick just one of my favorite qualities or memories of Alayna. Her laughter always filled the room and filled everyone’s hearts with joy. Her smile never seemed to fade, and she would do anything to serve those around her.

    I still have the card Mrs. Linde gave me on the day of the celebration of Alayna’s life. It was my part of my graduation present Alayna had in her car. I ran by the house, and you came out and gave it to me- wow. I will never be able to thank you enough. I look at it often and always keep it close by, and lift the Bowman family up in prayer every time. I love you guys!

    John 16:33 “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

  • Alayna….what I would give to have another plate of those cookies you would bring to David before the football games. You know, the ones on the gold plates with the writing in green. You would always have to remind Dwight that they were for David, not to eat them all, And then, you did the unthinkable…you brought Dwight his very own plate of cookies, from that day forward you were Dwight’s favorite. Everytime we pass your house, Dwight comments about how he just wishes he had one more time to talk with you and ask you where his cookies were, with the hopes that you would again bring him his very own batch. You continue to make everyone feel special in your own way and are missed more than words can say!!

  • Happy Late Birthday Ms. Linde 🙂

    I remember the first time I met Alayna…
    I was dating John Gras, one of her friends on Smoke Signals. We were at the movies & she was with Peyton Scott. She is still as sweet and as beautiful as I can remember. And even though I only met her once or twice, I was still blessed, to know who she was. My only regret is that I didn’t get to know her better. And to have Alayna as a friend, I would’ve been BLESSED. I mean, look at what she did for the community. I have never seen so much love for one person in my entire life. The day of Alayna’s funeral, I remember driving by, and the church parking lot was packed full of people. She is truly an amazing girl. The word ‘was’ is not in my vocabulary when talking about Alayna, because even though she may be gone physically, she’s still here, in our hearts. Her death is not real to me, it still feels as though she’s still walking the halls everyday at Choctawhatchee High School. Alayna, I miss you more than words can describe and I know your family is struggling. Watch over & bless them, they need you more than anything right now. Thank you so much, for everything you’ve done. You are truly an amazing girl and your spirit will live on in Choctaw forever more. Your boys on the football team, are playing this season for YOU. They love you Alayna, keep them safe as well and lead them to victory. Oh and thanks for the sunshine & pink skies, the sky has never looked more beautiful. Fly high babygirl. You’re one of the prettiest angels I know. Rest In Peace, Princess <3

  • I met Alayna When i tryed out for Pryor Cheerleading, Almost everyone knew her but me. Alll i knew at the time was she is Beautifull and always looked it , We often had laugh’s going on .
    It was the tryout night of 8th grade for me and i Rememeber Her crying and saying Bailey iv got to leave im just so happy and ran up and gave me a hug and said she couldnt wait for this year 2010-2011 team. Alayna was and still is my hero , i think of her alot. She was a one of a kind person nobody can ever replace her laughter or smile or way of thinking
    Alayna i never told you but i wish i had you are my Role Model and still are <3
    R.I.P Alayna
    Your truely missed

  • i know im a day late but i had to think of my most FAVORITE time with layna.that would be the night i met her 🙂
    It was after a friday night football game and i rode to luke websters house with him and james b. and right before we headed to fifth quarter you called luke to see if he could give alayna a ride,cause she didnt wanna ride there alone,we all laughed and of course had no problem going to get when we pulled into the driveway james got out and hid behind the tree in your front yard,and when layna came out he scared the living daylights out of her,we all couldnt stop laughing because she got so scared she fell back onto the ground. id say we all had big smiles on our face that night <3

  • Happy Birthday Linde! We are all thinking about you and wishing you the best!!!!!

  • Happy Birthday, Linde……..

    When Alena was just a little one, I remember your parents bringing her to a Xmas Holiday Craft Fair at Hurlburt Field . She needed her nap, but walking as she was, she was ready to head out to see what she could see! You may have also been there at the time, or mom and dad had her for the afternoon. It was special to see our children’s friends grown and with their children.
    Many hugs……

  • Happy Birthday Linde. Please take today to enjoy yourself. Alayna would want you to celebrate your birthday and do something nice for yourself. My favorite memory of Alayna is seeing her smile from ear to ear while she was around her friends. She was such a happy girl and full of life. She lived life fully and those around her could feel her smiling spirit. To be that happy and to go through life smiling is now something I strive for. I hope you can strive to be happy….we all are sending our love today and always so that it may help you take another step each day. Smile today for your beautiful smiling angel.Love always, Michele Finnegan

  • Linde,
    Happy Birthday Lady! Wow, we’ve known each other since elementary school, and I don’t think I can recall a single memory that you didn’t make me laugh in some way or another just by being you! I only had the pleasure of seeing Alayna a few times with you around town, and I didn’t know her that well, but when I think of her, I always remember when you were pregnant and came in the store where I worked at the mall. You were so close to your due date (if not past it) and you had me in stitches with you antics and plotting to kickstart labor. You were so excited to be a mother and couldn’t wait to get started! You even already had your rules of parenting clearly defined in your head; you were so animated in your plans you had me in stitches and standing around with you longer than I probably should have! I have always thought the world of you, and that is reaffirmed every time I hear what the people that knew Alayna closely say about her. The love and joy your daughter brought others is truly a testament to your dedication and parenting; you were obviously an inspiring mother to Alayna. You are so dearly loved by your family and all of your friends. Today may not be the day you wanted it to be, but I hope you open your arms and accept all the love bestowed upon you. I love you Linde!

  • Happy Birthday Linde!
    So many memories! Too smart for her own good – talking and walking before she was even 1! all the animals sounds and fast food signs! – no southern girl can be expected to eat Kraut and Wurst and truly like it…. thank goodness for mc d’s, taco bell, and pizza hut in Germany! Love that girl!!

    You are a beautiful special strong woman.
    God has dealt each of us a hand, some harder to play than others but you will win by trusting that his plan leads to eternal life and We will all celebrate together one day! Love you girll!!

  • Aaah. So sleepy I forgot to add my favorite memory. That is hard because there are so many. The times you and I would poke fun at her for being an airhead and she would giggle with us. The times she would play “school” with Grayson so you and I could have ‘girl time’ to talk when he was a baby. Then, as she grew up, the times she would roll her eyes at you making you so dang mad and inside I would laugh because that is what we used to do to our moms even though we loved them dearly. And then as she grew up more, the times she brought “the gang” to swim in the pool and you freaking out because she was in the hot tub – innocently of course – but with her first “real” boyfriend. So much…so many memories that make me laugh, smile, and yes, sometimes cry. But I loved her like she was one of my own and I do miss her. Yet, she was an amazing young lady and we were all lucky to know her for the time we did. Yes, you miss her and yes, it feels like she was taken too early. However, at least all your memories you will hold dear to your heart are perfect. I love you.

  • Happy Birthday Linde! I am not sure if you remember, but we were all at a Christmas Party at Brooke and Rick’s house in 2004. I had just had Dorian and Celeste was 2. All the kids were upstairs playing and ofcourse Celeste wanted to be up there and I wanted to be downstairs with all the adults. But there I sat with Celeste as she followed all the kids from room to room. Alayna sat with us and played, then she looked at me and said “why don’t you let me watch her and you go hang out with all the adults”. I came running down stairs and gave you a big hug and told you what a great daughter you have. She was so thoughtful, and it helped that she love kids and was good with them. Celeste had a blast with her that night, and I got a chance to hang out with some great friends. I love you Linde.

  • Linde,
    Happy Birthday! You’re an amazing woman and an incredible mom. Please try to enjoy your day.

  • Happy Birthday Linde! My favorite memory of Alayna was just last year when I saw her as we were leaving for our 20th reunion event. She was so sweet to compliment my dress and of course I was flattered that a teenager liked and even noticed what I was wearing. You know how stressed out I was that weekend trying to decide what to wear (which resulted in raiding your personal suitcase). You and Mike are amazing parents!

    Love you so much!


  • Linde,
    You know how much I love you. I hope you take a moment to try and enjoy your birthday today. You deserve it. Really, you do. If there is anything I can do, I am only a phone call away. I hope you enjoy the site too and that it doesn’t make you too sad. Love you bunches!

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